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Why does my house have low water pressure?

Some causes: If your home was built prior to 1930 there is a possibility your water line is galvanized and/or lead pipe which can build up deposits and slowly plug your water line, or your water line may be leaking.

How do I know my water line is leaking?

Sometimes the signs are obvious such as water coming up in your yard, street or basement but a slow leak can be detected often times by pressing your ear to the pipe near your water meter. If a leak is present you will hear a hissing noise.

How do I know my sewer line is cracked?

This can only be detected by televising your sewer. Cracks in sewer pipes are usually caused by roots.

How do I know the sewer line is plugged and not just the small drain under the basement floor?

If your main sewer is plugged due to roots or a collapsed pipe you will get a backup, usually in your floor drain. To trouble shoot, remove your clean-out cover and look to see if there is standing water. This will indicate that it is your main sewer. If no water is present in the clean-out this usually indicates a smaller drain is plugged; for example, the laundry tub.

How do I know if my sewer line is a candidate for a liner?

If your sewer has roots in multiple areas, or multiple areas that need to be repaired, a liner can be cheaper in most cases than repairing the sewer in 2 or 3 spots.

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